Landmark ADHD Study Backed Drugs Over Therapy at a Cost: Report

concerta,18mg x20tab-500x500A recent report indicates that counseling along with medications may be more effective for children with ADHD than just medication alone. It makes sense, as a therapist and the father of two children with ADHD that teaching skills to a child will help them to modify their own behavior when the meds wear off or when they have to stop taking them. The report indicates that those with the skills training did better as adults, even if there was not a noticeable difference during childhood.  Read the report for yourself and decide what you think.

Lynn Owens

Mental Health Counselor at Canyon Lakes Family Counseling Center
Lynn Owens is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate at Canyon Lakes Family Counseling Center. He specializes in treating children and teens who have experienced significant trauma. He and his wife Jennie have parented over 100 children in group care, residential care and foster care. They are the proud parents of three amazing children who were adopted from foster care.

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