Less is More, Pintrest ≠ More

Less is More, Pintrest ≠ More


In this episode we encourage parents to back off on expectations to make the holiday’s happier for everyone. No Guilt required for doing what is best for your special needs kid.

Lynn Owens

Mental Health Counselor at Canyon Lakes Family Counseling Center
Lynn Owens is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate at Canyon Lakes Family Counseling Center. He specializes in treating children and teens who have experienced significant trauma. He and his wife Jennie have parented over 100 children in group care, residential care and foster care. They are the proud parents of three amazing children who were adopted from foster care.

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One thought on “Less is More, Pintrest ≠ More

  1. I love these Potty Break videos! Thank you for letting me know it is ok not to follow Pinterest and not be a Pinterest mom. I’ve purposefully avoided it because of the time suck and the raising of expectations in myself.

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