Stephen Smith

Stephen has over two decades of social service experience among the private sector, federal government and state government. This has included provision of social services to a wide range of individuals including families, disadvantaged youth, disabled workers and prisoners. Additionally, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Psychology from Central Washington University and a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Washington State University. While not at work, Stephen enjoys spending time with his amazing family and volunteering at his church, Calvary Chapel. For Stephen, it is an honor to come alongside his clients in their time of need in order to listen, comfort and counsel them.

5 stages of grief

Noted Swiss-American psychiatrist, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (7/8/1926 to 8/24/2004), posited that there are 5 stages of grief that individuals and their loved-ones encounter when diagnosed with a terminal illness: 1. Denial – Shock and disbelief prevail; the x-ray must have been interpreted wrong! 2. Anger – Why me? This is…