Updated: March 23, 2020

COVID-19 Stay At Home Order and your Counseling Appointment

We have an important announcement concerning your upcoming appointments. 

  • Our office remains open, although some staff will be working from home.
  • Your counseling appointments are considered essential
  • Unless there is a good reason, appointments should be online
  • You can pay your copays or bill online, rather than in the office https://patientportal.advancedmd.com/account/logon?lk=135959

Governor Inslee issued a “Stay at Home” order this evening. All of us here at Canyon Lakes Family Counseling encourage you to follow this order and stay at home other than for essential activities.

Your counseling appointment is considered an essential activity and you are permitted to travel to our office for your appointment. 


it is our opinion that In most cases it is in your best interest and in the best interest of our staff and providers for you to complete your appointment via telehealth  where it is practically feasible to do so. We also strongly believe that doing your appointment online is important to curb the spread of the coronavirus.


We are asking all of our clients to begin seeing their providers via telehealth. You can connect to the waiting room of your provider at the following link:

Your mental health is important to us and your provider and all of our staff are still on the job. We are committed to helping you reach your therapeutic goals, so if you or your provider determine that the “online” format would hinder those goals then we continue to welcome you to visit our office.

If you and your counselor decide to proceed in the office:

  • Be sure to carry a copy of your appointment reminder as proof that you have a valid reason to be out of your home.
  • We encourage you to wait in your car and text our office at 509-591-0462 to let us know you have arrived and we will let you know when it is safe to proceed directly to your provider’s office.

If we do not hear from you before your next appointment we will be contacting you to verify if you will be attending online or in person.

March 15, 2020

We all want to do our part to mitigate the consequences of the spread of COVID-19 throughout our community.

If part of your strategy is to minimize trips away from home we wanted to let you know that we are now offering the option of participating in your counseling sessions through video conferencing for many of our clients At Canyon Lakes we have been providing online counseling (sometimes called Telemedicine, Telehealth, or Tele-mental Health) to children, teens, adults and couples with great success for nearly 2 years. All of our providers have been trained to provide counseling online and while it is not always an appropriate substitute for in-person visits, it is often an equally effective substitute.

If you’d like to meet online in lieu of coming to the office, let your therapist know or call our office and we will Do our best to accommodate you. Our office will continue to be open for in person visits. Here is what we are doing to mitigate the consequences:

  • Regular cleaning of common areas
  • removal of toys in the waiting room.
  • Removing “No-Show” fees for canceling appointments within 24 hours due to illness, caring for ill, or if you suspect that you have been in close contact with the virus. To receive a waiver of the no show fee, just call us ahead of time and let us know your plans.

You can help us by:

  1. Using online appointments if you are feeling unwell or you have a sick family member.
  2. Using online appointments if you are at risk of spreading COVID-19