Helping keep anxious children calm


All kids get anxious during the holidays and our adopted and foster kids will regress in their functioning during this time. Parents who notice this regression can use it as an opportunity to help.

In part 1 we discussion using Validation and Empathy as tools to reduce anxiety and improve functioning.

Toys and tools to calm kids with sensory issues

Toys and tools to calm kids with sensory issues


This is the first of three episodes reviewing toys and tools designed to  help calm children with sensory issues. Children with sensory issues are overstimulated by the bombardment of stimuli coming at them all the time….imagine how they are feeling with an extra blast of stimuli during the holidays!

Products Mentioned in Episode 4

Remember, if you buy them from the links below, a portion of your purchase price is given to Forever Homes and will be used to support more families like yours!

Sensory Sox

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Kinetic Sand

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It’s not you, it’s me


Parents of adopted and foster kids often feel like they must be doing something wrong since they are not able to make their children behave during the holidays.

In this episode we hope that parents will understand that “it’s not you, it’s them.” Although we will be learning interventions to help, our kids are going to have issues during this time of the year.

Here are the 5 reasons kids struggle

  1. Trauma triggers
  2. Grief and loss
  3. Sensory Issues
  4. Self Regulation Problems
  5. AnxietyIf future episodes we will unpack those  more and give some interventions to help minimize the effects.

This Might Get a Little Personal


Episode 1 – Meet Lynn and Jennie as they introduce the concept of the potty break – making effective use of your toileting time since you are unlikely to have any other time at a foster or adoptive parent

. In this episode they introduce the first issue to be covered on Potty Break – dealing with holiday behaviors.

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