Online Support Group for Parents of kids who need “extra supports” during the coronavirus pandemic

Online Support Group for Parents of kids who need “extra supports” during the coronavirus pandemic

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When: Weekly on Wednesdays, 9 PM pacific and 9 PM Eastern

Who: All parents of kids who need extra support

Cost: free – you’ve done enough let us give back to you

Overwhelmed with the thought of being home an extra six weeks (at least) with your kids?

Got cabin fever after the first day of isolation?

 Not sure what you are going to do to keep the kids from burning down the house?

 Grieving the loss of those precious few moments of alone time?

You are not alone and SHOULD NOT be alone if you are going to make it through the Coronavirus pandemic without losing your mind.

Let’s face it. This is serious, and while most of us don’t have to worry about serious health effects of COVID-19, when you are raising kids who need some “extra supports” every change has the potential to overwhelm them. As parents, the coming months could push you into burnout or compassion fatigue (if you are not already there).

We are here to help. We can’t do this alone, so if your support network is currently not up to the task of months of semi-isolation then let’s come together to help each other through this pandemic.

We are starting a brand-new support group – online – that is open to every parent of a kid that needs extra supports (whatever that means to you). This includes, but is not limited to kids with:

All other major mental health issues
Foster/Adopt/Kinship Care
Special Medical Needs
Behavioral Issues
Sensory Issues
Attachment issues
Every support group will have 2 components. First there will be tips and tricks session lead experts in their fields to give you some tools that will hopefully help you to not only survive but thrive in the coming weeks.

Next you can optionally join small groups of other parents in similar geographic regions and types of children. Here you can share, ask, cry, coordinate and support each other, hopefully creating opportunities to support each other throughout the week with. These groups will be coordinated by veteran parents who understand what you are going through.

We look forward to meeting you soon. When the meeting starts feel free to just sit back and listen with your video off, or get as engaged as you want with the video on.

You can just sit back and listen, or join in the conversation. It’s up to you. Turn your mic on indicates “I’m here to engage.” Turn your mic off means “Just want to listen for now.”

There are two time options: 9 P.M. Pacific Time and 9 P.M. Eastern Time. While we think it would be helpful to participate in the group closest to your time zone so that you can connect to other parents in your city, you are free to pick either time slot.

We have a very limited number of spaces available in the group so registration is required.

How to help kids reduce anxiety – Two Tips

Potty Break Episode 7

Wondering how to help kids reduce anxiety during the holidays? In this episode we continue part 2/3 of dealing with children’s anxiety during the holidays. Today’s tips: How to help kids breath to relax and how to teach them to play in a way that fights anxiety.

Additional thoughts not in the video:

As a therapist I tried for years to figure out a way to get kids to do breathing exercises. We know that good mindfulness practices can be so helpful to treating anxiety and stress that I wanted them to try it. Getting an explosive child explosive to breath is challenging when angry. For kids that are anxious we had a hard time getting them into the routine because frankly, it’s boring. Additionally, often these kids have very poor control and awareness of their bodies and have a hard time regulating their breathing.

Enter: Sesame Street App. It was just different enough that when a kid started melting down I’d say, “looks like your upset, lets play a video game.” They would stop their meltdown and sit down long enough to get to the breathing part of the game.

The heart math system teaches kids to regulate their body in a fun way. As long as we provide external motivation for hitting certain milestones (prizes), they will engage daily if it is part of their routine. If you are going to pickup the heart math for your kids know this: The iOs app and hardware is half the price and is portable enough to use in the car or in a waiting room somewhere. However, it lacks the games that are on the mac/pc version.

Show Notes:

Potty Break is a series of daily training and encouragement videos for foster and adoptive parents…designed to be watched during those precious few minutes that you can find some alone time….your potty break.

Links and products from today’s show:

Tools and Resources: How to help kids reduce anxiety mentioned in this episode

Sesame Street Breathe:

Heart Math:

EmwavePro (for mac & pc)

Inner Balance (for ios devices)

Vagus Nerve


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Do you have other tips that have helped kids reduce anxiety? If so put them in the comments below.