Parent Training for Infant Massage

Infant massage is a wonderful way for you to provide your baby loving, gentle and nurturing touch. Positive touch is essential for growing children. It aids in bonding, brain development, tummy issues, better sleep, increases feelings of calm and overall well-being and a whole lot more. It can be done all at once in about 20 minutes if baby allows or done in segments throughout the day.

What to Expect

Who Should Attend
      • Babies – newborn to 2 years old
      • Parents
      • Parents-to-be
      • Primary Caregivers
      • Parents of all ages of children will learn helpful techniques for all children
What is taught

Infant massage strokes and baby’s cues are taught to parents and caregivers so you can learn to massage your baby. That means only you touch your baby! The class is lead by an instructor with her doll while you get to practice with your baby. If your baby does not want a massage during class, don’t worry, extra dolls are available for you to practice on. We never want to force any baby to receive a massage if they are not ready.

What if my baby is sick, needs to eat, have a diaper change or is fussy and crying

There is a high likelihood the time we are together will not be the ideal time when your baby is ready for massage. If your baby is sick your appointment can be rescheduled or we can practice on the doll. If your baby is active, fussy, hungry, crying… that is okay. Please always feel free to stop and attend to your baby’s needs. You will learn a lot even by watching the demonstrations on the doll. The more the baby is exposed to the massage setting, the more comfortable they will be when it is time for them to receive massage. You will receive handouts so that you remember what was taught.

Types and Prices of Sessions

Private and group sessions are available. A minimum of 2 sessions is recommended as it is highly likely time and baby’s needs will not allow for a full massage routine to be taught to a level of feeling comfortable.

      • Private in home session 1-1.5 hours is $90
      • Private in office 1 hour $85,  ½ hour is $40
      • Group, 3-5 babies, in home session 1-1.5 hours is $55
      • Group in office, 3-5 babies, $35

Training Preview

Here is a preview of the training you will receive. Here you’ll learn three of the first techniques duiring an in-home training session.

Plan a Training

Due to the current stay at home order, no training classes are currently scheduled. Check here for upcoming group sessions