Online Counseling (Telehealth)

Who can participate in online counseling?

We offer Telehealth counseling visits for everyone in Washington State. We are pioneering online counseling with children and regularly offer telehealth visits to teens, adults, couples and online support groups.

How do I connect to my therapist at our appointment time?

When you are ready to begin your online counseling session, click the name of your provider and you will be connected to their waiting room.

Do I need to install any special software or app?

We use Zoom to connect with out clients. The first time you connect to an online counseling session you will need to install a small program which is a HIPAA compliant, secure, video conferencing platform.

It is also possible to connect through a web-browser if you are unable to install software on your device or if you use a chromebook, however some features may be unavailable unless you install the app.

You can connect with your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android Phone or Tablet.

How can I switch my in office appointment to an online appointment?

Need to switch a regular in office session to Video Counseling? Contact our office and we can make the switch for you.

Is there a different fee? Will my insurance pay for online appointments?

There is no difference in fees for online vs in office appointments.

Washington law requires insurance companies to pay for online appointments (sometimes referred to as Telemedicine, Telehealth, or TeleMental Health) in the same manner that they pay for in office appointments.

Do I need any special equipment?

As long as you have a camera (webcam) and mic on your computer you can connect with an online appointment. All smartphones and tablets are capable of connecting. However we do have some recommendation to have the best possible experience.

Use headphones. It just works better.

The mic on most laptop computers is not great. We recommend using an external webcam with built in mic, or the earbuds that came with your phone.

If you are using a smaller screen device like a phone, we recommend using a stand or similar holder that you may use in a car, rather than trying to hold it in your hand.